Garment Rail

Garment Rail

Garment Rail

A garment rail, or rack, is useful for multiple purposes. These rails are meant to provide people and businesses an organized way to hang clothing, preventing the garments from becoming wrinkled. The basic design of a garment rail consists of two horizontal bars with one connecting top bar. The top bar is used to hang clothing, and most racks come with wheels for convenient portability. Although clothing racks were originally meant for retail and factory use, consumers find them useful for household laundry needs.

Retail Stores and Dry Cleaners

Rails provide clothing boutiques a trendy way to display the fashion selections offered for sale. They also allow store owners a fast way to revolve inventory and reconfigure the floor’s layout. And of course, dry cleaners find these rails useful for organizing garment labels brought in by customers. Cleaners tend to use heavy-duty rails that are durable enough to hold the additional weight of garment bags.

Home Laundry Areas

In the home, a garment rail is ideal for hanging freshly-dried clothes in the laundry room. This practice prevents wrinkling when clothing cannot immediately be put away in the closet and dresser drawer. These racks also make it easier to use a garment steamer on delicate clothing items.

Clothing Storage

However, garment rails are not limited to the laundry area. A lot of people utilize these racks to hang seasonal clothes for simple storage in a spare bedroom, basement, garage or attic. Storing clothes on a rack eliminates major wrinkling. Musty odors can be prevented as long as the clothing is stored in garment bags.

Garage Sales and Privacy Partitions

These racks also prove useful during garage sales. With a garment rail, old clothing can be quickly hung and rolled out to the display area. Some people even use a garment rail as a partition. By hanging a curtain on the bar, the rack is instantly transformed into a privacy partition for parents who share a room with their baby and want some privacy between their bed and the baby’s crib. In the future, the garment rail can be used for clothing.

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