Garment Labels

When inspecting a potential purchases begin with the garment labels. These tags contain the name of the manufacturer or designer, the actual size, and perhaps care instructions for the garment. Sometimes a separate label contains care instructions, which will include the type of fabric the garment is composed of.

Garment Labels

Garment Labels

Inspect the different symbols on the garment labels. They will state whether a garment steamer is safe for the fabric. One symbol will indicate whether bleach is or is not safe, or to place in the dryer or to hang dry on a garment rail. If the garment is to be dry cleaned only, it will be clearly stated on the label. By following the information given, the garment should give many years of wear. Dry cleaned items should be removed from the bags and allowed to hang for a few days before wear to allow the chemicals to dissipate.

Manufacturers place garment labels in different places, such as the neck, a side seam, or in the zipper area of a pair of pants. This usually keeps the label from being seen outside the garment. Unfortunately, in a low cut blouse, sometimes the neck placed label is seen sticking up and creating a nuisance.

Parents make and insert garment labels on school clothing, such as coats and gym wear. This ensures ownership of the garment if a dispute ensues. A home made label contains the name of the owner, and can contain the year of purchase and size. Indelible markers or fabric pens are used for this purpose.

Hand made garment labels are used in military basic training as well. In the United States Air Force, a recruit is issued a label stamp containing the first letter of the recruit’s last name and the last four numbers of the social security number. The recruit uses this stamp to label everything they are issued.

If returning an item to the store, the garment labels must be intact. If they have been removed, the item is non-returnable. Carry purchases from the store safely in garment bags so they are not soiled in the car.

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