Garment Bags

A garment bag is a very useful travel bag in which one can hang various articles of clothing, as opposed to an ordinary suitcase with folded clothes inside. It is made of durable material, closes with a zipper and often folds in half and has a handle so it can be carried. There are various sizes and types of garment bags which serve different purposes.

Garment Bag

Garment Bag

Some garment bags are lightweight and and made to carry only one outfit. This is the type of bag you might use for a uniform or costume and the purpose of the bag is mainly to keep the garment clean when you transport it. It is often designed so the hanger comes through a hole at the top for easy hanging.

Probably the most popular garment bags are the heavier duty larger type that serve as a suitcase and can be taken on an extended trip. These bags have greater capacity to carry several outfits. Most even have separate pockets and zippered compartments for shoes, underwear, jewelry and anything else you might need for a business trip or vacation. These often have wheels at the bottom for ease of transport.

The garment bag has become more popular in recent years not only for business trips but also with leisure travelers who have discovered just how very useful and versatile garment bags can be. One of the advantages to a garment bag over a regular suitcase is less unpacking and no ironing. When you get to your destination you can simply hang the bag in the closet or on a garment rail, and your clothes stay virtually wrinkle-free. If needed you can use a garment steamer for a quick and easy touch-up.

Garment bags come in many sizes, styles and price ranges. If you are going to use your garment bag for airline travel, size is probably the most important consideration. With airlines charging extra fees for baggage nowadays you might want to get one big enough to carry everything. However, if the bag is going to be a carry-on bag, make sure it falls within regulation size. With careful selection the right garment bag can give you useful service for years to come!

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