The word garment denotes an article of clothing. The garment industry is a multi-million dollar industry involved in the advertising, manufacture, distribution, wholesaling, retailing, alterations and more. Each garment that is purchased and worn by the customer represents a countless hours of planning, preparation and execution to arrive at the finished product.



The kind of clothing that is worn is dictated by several factors. The function of the garment determines whether a specific uniform or a ball gown is worn. Weather and climate also help the customer decide what kind of clothing to weather. Then even when the function or the weather has been determined, there enters those all-important factors of style and personal preference.

Clothing attends to a wide range of social as well as cultural functions. Certain types of clothing denote certain occupations, and also individuality. In many societies certain clothing identifies modesty and respect.

Clothing has made from a wide variety of materials from natural leathers, furs, linen and cotton to synthetic fibers of almost every kind imaginable. Some garments are made for durability and functionality. Some are made to add to the glitz and glamour of the moment. Some are made strictly for the reasonable functions of covering and comfort .

There are also many other products associated with the garment industry. The presentation of the clothing greatly influences the sale of the clothing. For this reason clothing vendors pay special attention to the garment rail that will be used to display the clothing.

Other products that are closing related to the garment industry are the garment steamer which is used by the retailer as well as the individual customer, to keep the garments looking neat, garment bags for ease of transporting the clothes when traveling. Equally important as the clothing itself are the garment labels where the directions are given for the best care of the garment.

The garment industry supplies the consumer with an extremely essential commodity. The more that is known about this commodity the better able the customer is make informed decisions.

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